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jaime-oikle-and-family-250x175I helped build a restaurant website in 1996!

Yes, 1996 -- those certainly were the baby days for the web...

And I've owned or been involved with online restaurant content sites for 18+ years now!

What continues to be my "reason for being" is helping restaurant owners succeed and thrive!

I'm passionate about bringing as many resources as possible to our readers and members that will help them on the journey of success.

I know the restaurant business is not an easy one -- perhaps the toughest industry out there... Yet there are so many folks doing so many wonderful things to bring great dining experience to our cities and neighborhoods -- and so I'll continue to do everything I can to support that incredible mission.

All the best for your restaurant success!
  - Jaime

Jaime Oikle
RestaurantWebGuy / RestaurantReport / RunningRestaurants



I can't do it all alone... These fine folks are some of our expert contributors...

Seth Gardenswartz at Coverboom Seth Gardenswartz, VP at, an online marketing and website development company focused exclusively on the needs of independent restaurants.



Micki Pagano & Tony Parente Branding Shorts Micki Pagano & Tony Parente, husband and wife owners of Branding Shorts, an award-winning video production company specializing in online video for the restaurant and foodservice industry.



Angela Stoner Angela Stoner is the Chief Sales Officer at, builders of smartphone mobile apps for restaurants. (Guess how much they start at?)



David Litchman iMenu 360 David Litchman is a partner in iMenu360, an online/mobile ordering system for restaurants. David is a former restaurant owner and has hands on experience with online ordering and restaurant operations. GrowYourRestaurant.comspecializes in managing social media, local optimization, online reviews, mobile and email marketing for restaurants. The Team at GYR contribute on a wide variety of web and social media topics.


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